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Try the publications mentioned below, worthwile books to compliment your learning or preparation for your wilderness expedition or just to enhance your knowledge of first aid.
The linked articles of interest are just what it says, articles of interest. Read the articles carefully and be sure you are satisfied with the information contained within them, if you are prepared to use the information.

Cant get the paper sutures to stick? carry a small bottle of Benzoin tincture compound BTC (Friars Balsam) apply a small smear of BTC with a cotton bud to the area where you plan to place the paper sutures. Guranteed to stick. Great decongestent and also a good antiseptic. Check it out before using it.

Got a scalp laceration? matt the hair with blood from the wound  on either side of the wound, tie them together, yes it's a hair suture, cool...don't forget to clean out the wound first.

Links to educational institutes;
Academy of Emergency Care, Cork Uni. Hospital.
Rescue Emergency Care.
REC Ireland.
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council.
Wilderness Medical Society.